How to get to Schloß Lekow

By Car

The premises are guarded day and night, hence you can securely park your car.

Drive up the Motorway A11 (Berlin-Stettin/Szczecin) and cross the border at Pomellen (Kołbaskowo). The N6 (follow the signs for Gdańsk) will take you to Plathe (Płoty). There you will have to take the right towards Schivelbein (Świdwin). In Stargordt (Starogard) keep to the left, again towards Schivelbein. In Boltenhagen (Bełtno) follow the sign to the left „Lekowo 4 km”.

In the village of Lekow (Lekowo), turn left and, at the church, turn left again. Follow the road until you reach a large wrought-iron gate. Please ring the bell at the intercom.

By aeroplane

You can either fly to Stettin (Szczecin) and take a Taxi to Lekow (ca. 80-100 €), or to Berlin and take the train to Schivelbein (Świdwin).

By train

From Berlin you can reach Schivelbein (Świdwin) by train. From Schivelbein you can then take a Taxi to Lekow.

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